Rotary Responds to Disaster
Rotary and Shelter Box USA are both helping after the severe earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.  You can donate to Rotary's efforts to help Turkey and Syria (or other projects), or you can donate to Shelter Box directly.
Click below to donate to Shelter Box's efforts.
Randy Hatlen named Ripon Commonweath's
Person of the Year!
Randy Hatlen, a long-time member of the Ripon Rotary Club, has been named Person of the Year by the Ripon Commonwealth Press!  We are all so excited for Randy!  This honor is so well-deserved!  Randy is always there to lend a helping hand.  Click below to see all the ways Randy has helped the Ripon community over the years!
How can you shop online AND give to the Ripon Rotary Club?  Here's how!
So many of us shop online.  There is a way to do that and to support the Ripon Rotary Club at the same time!  iGive is a site that lets us shop at many of our favorite stores; part of what we spend is then given to the Ripon Rotary Club.  There is no catch.  The prices are the same as always. 
Just click below to enroll.  Then, when you visit a participating retailer online, it will automatically ask you to activate iGive.  That's it!  Simple.  You shop; Ripon Rotary gets money!  You can't go wrong with this.
Enroll now, using the link below - and start shopping!
Rotary District Conference - in La Crosse!!
All Rotary members are invited to the Rotary District Conference in La Crosse, April 28-29.  We will be joining two other districts in Wisconsin for what promises to be a lot of fun.  Learn more about Rotary and meet people from all other the state!  We even have a speaker from Poland!
There is a block of rooms reserved at a nearby hotel at GREAT rates!
Ripon Rotary visited Knuth's downtown! Dave told us all about brewing beer.  Visit Knuth's in historic downtown Ripon for great beer and delicious food!!
Roy Yeomans and his Old Glory Honor Flight!
Roy Yeomans went on his Old Glory Honor Flight recently.  He is a veteran of World War II.  His son, Steve, accompanied him on the trip.  Roy is 97, so he was a bit nervous about the long day, but he got back as energized and excited as when he left!  He was the first veteran to be welcomed home at the Appleton airport.  There were several hundred people there to welcome the veterans home.  Roy has been a member of Ripon Rotary for many years and we are all honored to call him a friend!  Thank you for your service to our country, Roy!!
Ripon Rotary Co-President, Kelly Mundell, brings over 1,000 school supply items to Mrs. Chikowski at Ripon Middle School.  This was part of our monthly 100 Acts of Kindness to celebrate the Club's 100th anniversary!
Our first bulbs were planted on Rotary Square by this wonderful young boy!
Chris Worral and Sharon Provenzano and digging more holes in the background.
More children are helping to plant bulbs!  Liz Nevitt and Chris Worrall and in the background here. 
The September "Acts of Kindness" project was beautifying Rotary Square with over 100 spring bulbs.  Just wait for spring to see the results!

The 2023 Rotary Peace Fellowship application is now available, and we need your help finding the next "generation" of global peace and development leaders.

Up to 130 fellows are selected every year in a globally-competitive process based on personal, academic, and professional achievements.  Fellows earn either a master’s degree or a post-graduate diploma in peace and development studies at one of the seven Rotary Peace Centers, located at leading universities around the world.

Over 1,500 program alumni are working in more than 115 countries as leaders in national governments, nongovernmental organizations, education and research, law enforcement, media and the arts, and international organizations such as the United Nations.

Visit the Rotary Peace Fellowships page on this website for detailed information.

Candidates have until 15 May to submit applications to The Rotary Foundation.


Another graduate-level education opportunity is the

The amount of the scholarship is USD $30,000 and must be used for graduate school studies outside the United States. NOTE: Applicant cannot be a Rotarian or be related to a Rotarian but can be a member of Rotaract.  To be eligible, applicant must be a resident in the geographical area of District 6270, be a student at a college/university in the geographical area of District 6270 or have strong ties to Southeast Wisconsin (see District 6270 map).  Experience (professional or volunteer) in the field of study is required. All fellowship/scholarship/stipend funding opportunities must relate to one of Rotary’s Seven Areas of Focus.
Deadlines are as follow:
September 1, 2022 – Application form available
January 13, 2023 – Complete Application Deadline (submit online only)
February 4, 2023 - In-Person or Zoom Interviews scheduled. An in-person interview is preferred.
February 13, 2023 – Successful Scholar Notified (for matriculation in 2023-2024 academic year.)
Click Here to access the “Scholarships” page on Rotary District 6270's website for detailed information, the application form, and other supporting documents. Address any inquiries to Larry Myers, Chair of the D-6270 Scholarships Subcommittee (Email: OR
Rotary has been working tirelessly to make sure no one else suffers the ravages of polio ever again!  Rotary's goal is eradicate this awful disease from our world!
We are 99% of the way there!  With your help, we can banish polio from our Earth!
For more information about Rotary's fight against polio, click on the following link:

Remember, the way to end polio is the same as the way to end COVID-19:  GET VACCINATED!!!
Ripon Rotary has with with Fr. Wally Kasuboski in Panama for many years to build a dam and provide water to hundreds of homes.  It is with projects like this that Rotary is able to change the lives of and bring hope to so many people, all over the world.
Rotary has clubs in over 200 countries around the world.  Aarti lives in India, but was able to use video-conferencing to speak to us here in Ripon!
Rotary strives to bring the world closer together.  We celebrate all the ways we are similar, as well as what each of us can contribute to others!
At Ripon Rotary, we are always looking to work with other groups to improve lives, help our community and work together.  Let us know if you have an idea for a project!
We have added some beautiful benches to Rotary Square in downtown Ripon!  Now, everyone will have a spot to sit and take some time to enjoy Ripon!
At Ripon Rotary, we welcome everyone!  Period.