Ripon Rotary Club is named a ShelterBox HERO!
The Ripon Rotary Club is committed to helping when people are faced with disasters.  ShelterBox USA is one way we do that.  Our members contributed funds, so we could provide people in Ukraine, Turkey and/or Syria with a temporary place to live, tools to repair homes, or other items they might need to survive. 
This is a ShelterBox tent.  It can comfortably house at least six people.  When it arrives, it also has everything a family needs to survive: pots and pans, blankets, light, cooking stove and many other items!
If a family does not need a tent, but needs to repair their home, ShelterBox can provide tools and tarps to get the job done!
ShelterBox also provides things like mosquito netting and lights.  These may seem like small things to some, but to many, these are items that can make a huge difference after a disaster.
How can you shop online AND give to the Ripon Rotary Club?  Here's how!
So many of us shop online.  There is a way to do that and to support the Ripon Rotary Club at the same time!  iGive is a site that lets us shop at many of our favorite stores; part of what we spend is then given to the Ripon Rotary Club.  There is no catch.  The prices are the same as always. 
Just click below to enroll.  Then, when you visit a participating retailer online, it will automatically ask you to activate iGive.  That's it!  Simple.  You shop; Ripon Rotary gets money!  You can't go wrong with this.
Enroll now, using the link below - and start shopping!
Rotary has been working tirelessly to make sure no one else suffers the ravages of polio ever again!  Rotary's goal is eradicate this awful disease from our world!
We are 99% of the way there!  With your help, we can banish polio from our Earth!
For more information about Rotary's fight against polio, click on the following link:

Remember, the way to end polio is the same as the way to end COVID-19:  GET VACCINATED!!!
At Ripon Rotary, we welcome everyone!  Period.
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