We are proud to include in the Ripon Rotary Club many of our local business leaders and the people who influence our community.  We are also proud to include in our club young people who are on the way up in the community.
Rotary is able to help its members become better leaders, both in their community and in their businesses.  Rotary has recently partnered with Toastmasters to help the members of both clubs become better leaders. We have tools available to our members to help improve speaking and leadership skills.  We strive to help our members become better in their professions and in their communities.
Around the world, Rotary includes 1.2 million people who come from different professions, experiences and cultures.  This diversity gives Rotary a unique perspective of the world.  We are uniquely prepared to lead our communities, our countries and our world toward a more human-centered view.  We strive to lead the world to make sure there is a safe place for everyone to share opinions and help others.
The Ripon Rotary Club is a place for anyone who lives or works in or around Ripon, or for anyone who just loves Ripon!  We include business leaders, non-profit leaders, parents, retired folks, young professionals and everything in between.  Ripon Rotary has a place for everyone.
In Ripon Rotary, we support each other in our personal and professional lives.  We work with each other to help support our businesses.  Networking is a big part of who we are.  We want our members to be successful in their businesses.  Our members are always available to support each other.
Come join us to see how we can help you grow as a person and as a leader!